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Our cored wires – a proven solution
for almost every application



Alloy Base Product Name Welding Processes Diameter
Iron Corthal® OA
1,2 - 3,2 mm
1,2 - 3,2 mm
2,4 - 4,0 mm
1,6 - 2,4 mm
Nickel Thaloy® G
UP (only Thaloy C and Co)
1,2 - 2,8 mm
2,4 - 3,2 mm
1,6 - 2,4 mm
Cobalt Thalit® G 1,2 - 1,6 mm
Copper Thalbronze MSG - Soldering
1,6 - 2,0 mm
1,6 - 2,4 mm

Since our company was founded in September 1990, we have been concentrating on the development and production of folded cored wires for welding and thermal spraying. The result of these many years of experience: solid cored wires for processing based on iron, cobalt, nickel and copper. Our process-optimised cored wires, customised in terms of size and material analysis and adjusted to the various requirements of a wide range of wire-processing procedures, are a tried and tested solution for every application.

By default, a distinction is made between self-protective cored wires (OA), cored wires for inert gas welding (MSG), those for submerged-arc welding (UP) and those for arc spraying (SP).

In addition to the standard offerings, our production is capable of realising special customer requests and offering wire diameters of 1.0 mm to 4.0 mm. We also meet individual specifications: whether thorn coil, large coil, barrel winding or a wish for private labelling – with the latest equipment and extensive know-how, we are your partner in solving your specific wear problems.




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