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Pre-registered substances under the REACH Regulation

According to the REACH Regulation which came into force in 2007, all substances that are produced in the EU or imported into the EU in quantities of more than 1 t/year require registration. This also applies to substances in preparations and – under certain conditions – substances in products.


For the performance of comprehensive registration tasks, the REACH Regulation defines transitional periods. Depending on the substance volume and classification in terms of health and the environment, these transitional periods range from 3.5 to 11 years.
To be able to use these transitional periods, manufacturers and importers had to pre-register the respective substances from 1 July to 1 December 2008. The benefit? The pre-registered substances may continue to be sold in Europe (as a "phase-in substance") until the applicable registration deadline.


As the producer of cored wire electrodes, sintered welding bands, units, devices and finished products, Corodur Verschleiß-Schutz GmbH is considered, apart from a few exceptions, as a downstream user according to the REACH Regulation. In accordance with our duty, we have pre-registered the following substances in due time with the transaction number and the corresponding reference number:

  material     transmission number     reference number     EC number     CAS number  
  Si     YF436363-32     05-2116749806-31-0000     231-130-8     7440-21-3  
  Mn     XG436442-33     05-2116750366-42-0000     231-105-1     7439-96-5  
  B     JF423272-55     05-2116611603-56-0000     231-151-2     7440-42-8  
  W     CN423041-55     05-2116611194-55-0000     231-143-9     7440-33-7  
  Al     AB436880-58     05-2116753684-35-0000     231-072-3     7429-90-5  
  C     BH436279-40     05-2116749244-43-0000     231-153-3     7440-44-0  
  Nb     JD436754-42     05-2116752750-45-0000     231-113-5     7440-03-1  
  Fe     LS422604-23     05-2116610284-55-0000     231-096-4     7439-89-6  
  Cu     UU436981-96     05-2116754263-46-0000     231-159-6     7440-50-8  
  V     VJ436824-19     05-2116753277-38-0000     231-171-1     744062-2  
  Mo     PL436692-22     05-2116752235-47-0000     231-107-2     7439-98-7  
  Ni     ND436646-37     05-2116751856-32-0000     231-111-4     7440-02-0  
  Cr     SA436523-48     05-2116750848-30-0000     231-157-5     7440-47-3  
  Ti     WT423451-14     05-2116611892-45-0000     231-142-3     7440-32-6  
  Co     SV422768-94     05-2116610659-40-0000     231-158-0     7440-48-4  



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