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Our sintering bands – unique
alternative to solid strips

In the manufacturing of powder metallurgy sintering bands, we are the sole manufacturer thanks to our special production technology. What is special about these unique welding consumables for electric, slag or submerged arc welding is the powder metallurgy method of production; only metal powders are used here.



The slag-free powders are compressed between a pair of rollers under high pressure into a connected band, the "green part".
It has sufficient firmness to enable problem-free handling in later process steps. However, for subsequent welding processing, the present firmness is not yet enough. In the following process step, which is called sintering, the "green bands" undergo heat treatment at very high temperatures of up to 1400 °C. The finished sintering band can now be cut to the required dimensions and subsequently placed on the market as a coil.
At the customer's request, the band surface and thickness can be adjusted through additional rolling processes.




The initially expensive-sounding production of a band from metal powders represents an alternative to solid-strip electrodes on closer examination. In some respects, the sintering band is more than just an alternative. After all, via the deliberate variation of the composition of the powder, the future chemical composition of the sintering band can be changed very easily. Effectively and cost-effectively, we can have an influence on customer-specific requirements via these regulators.
Even for smaller batch sizes (from ≈ 30 kg), the management of welding behaviour or the simple distinction is possible in this way for solid band electrodes.
The options that powder metallurgy offers us can also be exploited much more broadly. Sintering bands are not subject to all restrictions (melting, cold hardening during rolling), arising from the conventional melt-metallurgical process chain for solid bands. Thus alloys are used as sintering band electrodes that cannot be produced or can be produced only under more difficult conditions as solid-band electrodes. One example of this are the various kinds of cobalt-based alloys.



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