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Our wear plates – wide choice for
individual needs

Wear plates – also referred to as armour plates or wear sheets – represent semi-finished wear products. The plates welded under standardised conditions with high effectiveness can be adapted to existing units, such as conveyors, mixer linings, etc., as subsequently shaped cuts. This makes wear protection possible on large surfaces of stationary equipment – without lengthy downtimes.
By default, cored wire electrodes from our own production are used in our manufacturing. This is reflected in low production costs in particular.
Our customers and their individual needs are always at the heart of wear plate production. For example, plasma powder coatings are used in order to apply pseudo-alloys of the type NiBSi + WSC.

In contrast to the mass production of standard sheets, there are no restrictions in our production regarding the basic materials used, plate dimensions, armour-plating materials or layer thickness. Our manufacturing facilities are designed for flexibility, so that all armour-plating can be executed – from small formats up to super or special formats.

Based on customer drawings, we are also in a position to offer complete wear plate construction ready for installation.



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