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Convincing wear protection solutions
– since 1990

In September 1990, shortly before German reunification, Corodur Verschleiß-Schutz GmbH, Thale was founded. Even today, the three founders and managing directors, Dr Bernd Reichmann (Dr.-Ing.), Uljane Eichler (Dipl.-Ing.) and Frank Napalowski (Dipl.-Ing.), jointly manage the company, which started its operations over 25 years ago with former employees of the Thale ironworks plant.

At first, the innovative development of the production process for cored wires was advanced on the Thale site. In the following years, the range of services was expanded to include welding services in the form of coatings with cored wire electrodes on tools and wearable machine parts for customers. 

Other departments in the field of the processing and production of welded composite sheets and powder metallurgy sintering bands followed.

Each year, the company invests increasingly in the research and development of new materials and technologies for wear protection, alongside quality assurance.



Research & quality management

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Corodur Verschleiss-Schutz GmbH
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